Candidate Reference Tracking

Are you looking to increase efficiencies in your day-to-day activities?


RecruitmentWorx360 has been developed in consultation with recruitment agencies to improve reach and streamline workflow - and we've just extended the features by including a new candidate reference tracking add-on.

For a full list of 360 features and demonstration videos, please visit our dedicated RecruitmentWorx360 page.

Manage your candidate reference process with ease using our new Record, Automate and Track features

Managing references on a day-to-day basis can be a time-consuming process - from generating reference documents, to emailing referees and finally monitoring, recording and logging responses. And if your existing recruitment CRM doesn't cater for these activities you'll be left managing your process outside of the system leading to data duplication and unconnected data (a data silo).

Following our 3 step process from within RecruitmentWorx can streamline your day-to-day reference activities, provide a real-time view of outstanding requests and mitigate inherent problems associated with data duplication.

Step 1 - Record

Reference requests are recorded against a candidate record providing you with a central view of activity specific to the candidate which is, in turn, monitored on a global basis across all candidates via a worklist.

Reference details include name, contact and company information along with dates for tracking requests and returned references.

Step 2 - Automate

Using our existing merge email function, reference requests can be sent directly from RecruitmentWorx to the appropriate referee with the request being automatically date stamped.

If your process includes the generation of a reference document, we can include your template document within RecruitmentWorx and add the merged result as an attachment to the outgoing email saving you time on document creation.

Step 3 - Track

The RecruitmentWorx dashboard includes a reference tracking widget providing you with a global, real-time view of all outstanding reference requests within the system.

When references are received, simply locate the reference record from the dashboard, update the received date and the worklist item will be removed from view.

Finally ...

If you're an existing client looking to extend your current functionality or a potential client looking to benefit from increased efficiencies we'd highly recommend reviewing our dedicated RecruitmentWorx360 page or contacting us to discuss further.